Background Museカード Avatars
Easily create the "what you want to be"
with a single selfie!
Distribution to begin soon
Background Museカード Avatars Museカード
Easily create the "what you want to be"
with a single selfie!
Distribution to begin soon


second meとは


Easily create 3D avatars from a single photo!
Let's dress up and make
"what you want to be"!

"second me" is an application that allows users to create 3D avatars that look exactly like themselves by simply taking a single photo!
You can easily change your face and body shape, as well as various outfits and hairstyles!
It is just like dressing up your reflection in the mirror to create the "self you want to be.

Decorate your avatar with various stamps and frames, and you are ready for a photo shoot!
Pose your avatar in a variety of unique poses, and post your Muse card on social networking sites, and you're sure to get a lot of buzz!


second me の楽しみ方

make up

By simply taking a photo with your phone's camera, you can automatically create a 3D avatar with the characteristics of the photo!
The created 3D avatar can be customized with various parts such as eyes, nose, and skin color.
You can try out various coordination styles and transform yourself into the "person you want to be!

make up

Create your own Muse Card with unique stamps, frames, and poses!
Muse cards are sure to be very useful in various situations, such as posting on social networking services and using as icon images!


You can trade Muse cards as well as clothes and other items with your friends! Clothes and other items can be exchanged between friends!
You can get clothes that would look good on that girl as a gift ......! What a great idea!




second me
second me
Makeup and decoration application for "who you want to be"
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